About Me

Alexia Briones

Being almost 40 as I write this, I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life learning, applying and practicing everything I could find on energy medicine, yoga, meditation, healing herbs, holistic health, integrative psychotherapy, ancestral and traditional medicines, quantum physics and love.
I facilitate a therapeutic exchange based on inner peace and empathy, with a strong holistic and integrative focus and the purpose of uncovering your essence and freedom as a human being. With the purpose of uncovering your wholeness.
My intention is to help you connect and follow your heart, that you become Heart Guided and the best version of yourself.
Mother, poet and painter, I combine my life in Barcelona with time in nature, travels and world adventures.


  • 2018/2022 - Transpersonal Psychotherapy MA - Instituto de Psicología Transpersonal, Barcelona
  • 2016/2017 - Contemplative Psychotherapy MA - Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Sciences - Barcelona & online
  • 2016 - Femenine Archetypal theory seminar - Dr. Juan Alberto Moreno - Isla Mujeres (México)
  • 22015/2016 Kundalini Massage training - Ana Sílvia Serrano & Mauricio Hernández, Barcelona, Isla Mujeres (Mexico)
  • 2016 Clinucum in Energetic Medicine - Ana Sílvia Serrano, Isla Mujeres (Mexico)
  • 2016 Dream Analysis training - Ana Sílvia Serrano, Isla Mujeres (Mexico)
  • 2015/2016 - Obsidian Therapy training - Ana Sílvia Serrano , Barcelona, Isla Mujeres (Mexico)
  • 2015 - Chrystal therapy training - Ana Sílvia Serrano, Barcelona
  • 2014 - Herbal Medicine for Women- Dr. Aviva Romm
  • 2010/2013 - Naturopathy BA - CENAC School, Barcelona
  • 2010/2011/2012 - Reiki (three levels) and Quantum Touch training
  • 2006 - Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation teacher training (RYT 200) - Brian Cooper School of Yoga, Scotland